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10 Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Symmetrical

Why? Why should there be 10 photo-manipulations of Arnold Schwarzenegger strongly featuring symmetry? Well, because, why not. That’s why! He’s a symmetrical sort of fellow, is he not? And, that’s not a bad thing. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And, in this day and age, fellow truth-seekers, imaginations are able to be stretched quite far. Nevertheless, it’s still not a bad thing. So, here’s 10 such photos. Enjoy the weirdness:Extreme human deformity facial head

Arnold Schwarzenegger governor of symmetry

Arnold the bird man really weird entity creature

Politicians get big heads

schwarzenegger schwarzenegger arira holding gift present

Schwarzenegger plastic surgery before and after photo

Arnold-Schwarzenegger has a tiny neck

Conan the symmetrical barbarian -- really weird image

Arnold Schwarzenegger double-wide head with symmetry

Arnold Schwarzenegger the symmetrical governator mouth eyes

Top weird coincidences regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger and symmetry:

  1. In case you didn’t already know it: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s middle name is Alois — which, if you spell it like this: ‘AloisioA’ is also symmetrical. Coincidence?
  2. Arnold claims that the first time he ever picked up a barbell in his life, he was 13 years old. Later, at the age of 31, some other stuff happened to him. The numbers 13 and 31 are symmetrical, mirror images of each other. And, when you add 13 and 31 together, you get 44. 44 is a symmetrical number. Weird, huh?
  3. Shwarzenegger once did a year of national service in the Austrian army. If you take the first letter from the word ‘Austrian’, and the first letter from the word ‘army’, you get AA. …mind = blown!
  4. Arnold won the Mr. Olympia body building competition a total of 7 times. The first letter in the word ‘Olympia’ is ‘O’, the letter ‘O’ is a completely symmetrical letter. It’s also written the same way as the entirely symmetrical number zero, or ‘0’. And, 0 just happens to be the exact amount of times that Shwarzenegger didn’t win the Mr. Olympia title every single year that he did win it.
  5. While serving in the Austrian army (see #3 above) he went AWOL (absent without official leave) in order to compete in a bodybuilding competition. The first three letters in the initialism AWOL are A, W and O — all perfectly symmetrical letters.
  6. His second oldest child, Christina, was born in 1991.  19-91… get it?
  7. Arnold Shwarzenegger belongs to a taxonomic class of living creatures known as ‘homo sapiens.’ It has long been established by science that certain degrees of relative symmetry exist to significant extent within the physiological structure of these beings.
  8. This list of the top weird coincidences regarding Arnold Shwarzenegger and symmetry ends on number eight. The written symbol of ‘8’ for the number eight is symmetrical in its form. In addition to this, the number eight can be divided into two groups of four — 4 and 4. Written together as ’44’, this is, again, a symmetrical number. Further, the number 44 can be divided evenly in two to produce 22 — symmetrical. 22 can be divided in two to arrive at 11 — symmetrical, again! Going the other way, 44 can be doubled to get 88. As can be seen, doing this results in a total of 4 different numbers: 11, 22, 44, 88. 4 is 2 & 2. 2 is 1 & 1, and, of course, 4 & 4 is 8… so, full circle! Eerie, no?

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