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Andy Devine Singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ will Give You Nightmares

“Andy’s Gang” was a children’s television show hosted by the late Andy Devine. It ran on NBC for a span of five years from 1955 to 1966. Many a current Baby Boomer has fond memories of the ultra-creepiness that was the Andy’s Gang TV show. In watching the segment below, which was lifted from an episode of Andy’s Gang, it should be kept in mind that no evidence exists beyond rumor and innuendo that the ¬†memory of the Andy’s Gang show served in any way as the inspiration for the “Candle Cove,” that internet ‘creepy-pasta’ thing that was going around a few years ago.

Sadly, ol’ Andy Devine passed away in 1977 from leukemia. However, so proud and impressed by his achievements were they that the townspeople of Kingman, Arizona renamed the main street in town to “Andy Devine Avenue,” and they hold a yearly festival known as “Andy Devine Days.” So, may we suggest, that if you ever find yourself in Mohave County, Arizona, you take it upon yourself to go out of your way to pay a visit to Andy Devine Avenue — just to say you’ve been. (Imagine the photo opportunities!) And, while you’re there, why not pay a visit to the¬†Mohave Museum of History and Arts in Kingman, AZ as well, in order to check out their infotastic Andy Devine display? ‘Round these here parts, we also hear tell that ol’ Mr. Devine has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame… so, there’s that too!

And, why, exactly, should Andy Devine not be the focus of such enduring reverence and adulation? Behold the awesomeness of the video posted above! It’s about as weird and creepy as kid’s shows tend to get. I mean, it’s as though it’s not a kid’s show at all that we’re viewing in the clip. Watch the video and picture it as just some weird guy that did this to these animals in his attic. What you can’t see is that, in the corner of the room, behind him, is the corpse of his departed Mother, who passed away fourteen months ago. He’s yet to tell anyone. He simply comes home from work every day and heads to the attic where he puts on these little shows for his Mother with the help of his entortured animal friends.

Hamster playing bass drum

And, if you’re still not seeing the evil… well… take a gander at this:

Now… Any questions?

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