Cisvestism, Sri Lankan Boys and TV Game Shows

Sri Lankan Boys half naked dancingOk, who wants to see a half-naked Sri Lankan boy, engaged in an overt act of cisvestism, dancing around in the jungle? Yeah, that’s what I thought! I’m sure this particular post here on ReallyWeirdThings.Com is more likely to attract more pervert web-traffic than any other we’ve posted thus far. Well, if that’s you’re kind of thing, take a gander at the video posted at the end of this article. Somewhere within the bizarre series of video frames that make up the very body of that video, just such a spectacle is visible. And, the amazing dancing Sri-Lankan boy has a message for you — a message the likes of which we here at ReallyWeirdThings.Com so heartily approve!

But, in viewing the below video, before you get to the big, gyrating Sri-Lankan pay-off, you’ll need to sit through a few minutes of something intensely more entertaining, and immensely more satisfying to the intellect — an in depth examination that delves deep into the strange and ominous world of “Second Chance” and the inimitable Jim Peck.

James (Jim to his friends and television viewers) Edward Peck was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June of 1943. In that very same year,¬†Selman Waksman discovered¬†¬†streptomycin and coined the term “antibiotic”. Also in that same year Doctors, for the first time, began using pap tests to detect cervical cancer. Are these things merely coincidence? The coincidence of these events suggest that Jim Peck may in fact be the anti-Christ? …we’re not saying they do; we’re not saying they don’t — conclusions are left up to the reader.

Jim Peck

That being said, however, it should be noted that Jim Peck did get his start in show business at ABC hosting a game show by the name of “The Big Showdown”, which ran from December of 1974 to July of 1975. From there, Peck moved on to host shows such “Hot Seat“, and, of course “Second Chance.” So, my friends, as you should plainly be able to see when taking these facts into account, the case against the mysterious Mr. Peck thickens… or perhaps not, I don’t know.

But, getting back to the main theme of this posting: If I were to ask you what undertaking you believed would mark the absolute pinnacle of human achievement, I’d be willing bet that you very likely wouldn’t say “The production of a video which featured the handsome and talented Mr. Jim Peck (as has been explained, a possible candidate for the anti-Christ) stumbling and falling on national television while descending a flight of stairs, mixed with the primitive dancing and gyrating of a half naked Sri-Lankan boy engaging in an act of vulgar cisvestism in the middle of a jungle — and all set to music, to boot.” …or, maybe you would? When you actually read it written out like that it does sound exceedingly impressive, no?

Well, whether that would be your answer or not is irrelevant, I suppose. No matter what you thing, in keeping with our consistent attempts to reach for the absolute pinnacle of artistic achievement (And, we can assure you, the reader, that we always will strive for such a goal — that’s the ReallyWeirdThings.Com promise!) we have done just that. Yes, friends! We have produced a video that you, given the sadly limited restrictions inherent to your mere human mind, almost certainly wont be able to grasp the true greatness of.

Ask any great philosopher, scientist, or any given blue collar worker of days past if such a thing was even possible and we’re sure your query would have been met with a resounding: NO! But, given our mysterious ability to alter the very fabric of universal reality, we have, in fact, done just that — we have manufactured the impossible. We have combined these elements to bring you what will likely be recorded in the annals of history as being one of the most incredibly important videos ever produced through human endeavor. We have mixed together Jim Peck, (possibly the anti-Christ, remember?), the popular culture phenomenon of the television game show, an act of falling on stairs, the behavior of cisvestism, and a half-naked Sri Lankan boy dancing in a rain forest. And, we’ve actually set it all to music! They said it couldn’t be done. They were Wrong!

The Gods themselves would likely never have believed that these twisted and diverse elements could have ever been brought together in a single video. But, LO! Here it be! So, sit back and enjoy the visual feast of demented bizarrity. You can feel free to thank us for delivering this impossibility to you at a later date — preferably by sending us a large amount of money.

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