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Did an Alien Intelligence Avert a War in the Middle-East?

Bobby Horne was a short-order cook from Daytona Beach, Florida, when he started receiving messages from ‘another world’. Psychic investigators immediately questioned him. Despite a disastrous demonstration in London– where Bobby nearly blew himself up– the messages continued. Then Bobby backed out of the conversation, leaving behind three others to carry on his work. It was then that the ‘voices’ began their odd and inexplicable peacemaking role in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Bobby Horne & The NineDr Andrija Puharich (A.K.A Henry K Puharich) is the man who brought Uri Geller to America for investigation by scientists. In his biography of the Israeli psychic, Uri – A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, he told a story of conversations with extraterrestrials from a civilization named Hoova. His claims did little good for his professional reputation among the scientific community, and some months after the book’s publication Andrija and Uri went their separate ways and Uri denied the extraterrestrial contact story.

The extraordinary things that happened to Andrija Puharich after this separation were later told in an intriguing book, Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth, by English author Stuart Holroyd.

In addition to the celebrated metal-bending and telepathy feats that Uri had performed, he had functioned as a medium in his work with Puharich, and toward the end of their time together he had channeled information from the supposed extraterrestrial source about a plan for a landing on Earth.

About three months later Andrija was contacted by a woman he knew slightly, a psychic named Phyllis Schlemmer. Phyllis said that she had discovered a young American man with fantastic healing abilities, and she told Puharich about him because she knew of the work he had done some years ago with the famous Brazilian healer, Arigó (A.K.A José Pedro de Freitas). So Andrija went to Miami to meet this young man, Bobby Horne.

All in One

Dr. Andrija Puharich
Dr. Andrija Puharich

Now it was routine procedure in his investigations of psychics to begin by putting them into a hypnotic regression to see if anything could be learned from their subconscious about the source of their paranormal abilities. When he did this with Bobby Horne, the young man immediately went into a trance state and became spokesman for an extraterrestrial that identified itself as ‘Corean’.

“There will be a time when we will be many on your Earth,” announced Corean. “We wish to be welcomed when we come. We bring no harm. We have come before. We feel the Earth people cannot accept us, accept what is happening. We have chosen some as channels. Your people have to see to believe.”

Puharich was amazed. Bobby Horne, a short-order cook from Daytona Beach, Florida, couldn’t possibly know anything about the work he had been doing in private with Uri months before, yet it was as if he was taking over where Uri had left off. He asked if Corean was aware of his own connections with Hoova and of Uri Geller.

“We know of this,” Corean answered without hesitation. “There are many groups that work with many on your planet. We are many, and we are one.”

Andrija asked the purpose of the planned landing on Earth and received the reply: “Man is confused. The Earth is in great trouble. We come with love to help. It will be difficult for you to prove to your Man of our existence. There will be many things which will occur prior to our coming, and at our coming, as proof. Bobby is one.”

After some further conversation, Bobby Horne came out of the trance, and when he learned that he had functioned as a channel for an intelligence that might be from another world he was excited and wanted to continue working with Andrija and Phyllis. They had another session the next day in which they learned that Bobby’s healing abilities were to be developed in order to help prepare mankind to believe in the beings from another part of the universe that gave him his powers. They were then given a further message: “You will be meeting number three soon.”

Hands Off

Number three turned out to be an English aristocrat, Sir John Whitmore. Sir John, a former champion racing driver, was sponsoring a series of public lectures in London on the ‘Frontiers of Science and Medicine’ and had invited Puharich to speak. On a visit to Puharich’s home at Ossining near New York he met Phyllis Schlemmer and Bobby Horne some three weeks after Andrija had met them in Florida.

In the meantime Bobby Horne had accomplished some remarkable healings and Andrija had got the idea that they might take him to the conference in London to demonstrate his abilities to the assembled medical men. When Sir John had listened to the tapes of the communications with Corean, and had sat in on a session himself, he agreed to sponsor Bobby’s trip. He also found himself welcomed as the third member of a trip that was asked to commit himself to the work for a short period of time. At first he couldn’t– he wondered whether someone was conning or hoaxing him– but he satisfied himself that nobody was and agreed to the commitment.

Bobby’s demonstration in London was a disaster, but there were some odd events connected with it that confirmed the trio’s conviction that they were dealing with a nonhuman intelligence. The aim of the demonstration was to effect a distant healing on a glaucoma patient in California, and acquaintance of another of the conference participants, Dr Marcel Vogel.

Vogel had had some experience of psychic healing, and he claimed that a plant could function as a kind of transmitter of energy for distant healing. Corean confirmed this, so one morning about sixty people assembled in a room at Brunel University and Vogel brought in a big plant. He carefully attached two steel electrodes to one of its leaves and connected the wires through a transformer to a strip chart recorder so that any energy effects that occurred during the demonstration would be recorded on the moving graph paper.

In a communication the previous night Corean had given precise instructions for the conduct of the demonstration, stressing two points in particular that there should be no metal on Bobby Horne at the time and that everyone should keep their distance from him and in no circumstances touch him.

Blow Out

So Bobby Horne stood in the middle of this room at Brunel, with sixty doctors and scientists standing near the walls, and tried to pour energy toward the plant while Vogel monitored the strip chart and described in a loud whisper the oscillations it recorded. After about fifteen minutes Bobby Horne began shaking. This was normal when he was attempting a healing, but Vogel took alarm and went over and grabbed him by the shoulders. When he was touched, Bobby Horne convulsed and moaned as if a great electrical shock had jolted through him, and at the same time many people in the room experienced a kind of shock. “When it blew,” Phyllis Schlemmer said afterwards, “the energy just went in all directions.” Her statement seemed to be borne out by the fact that at the moment Vogel touched Bobby Horne the step-down transformer in his circuitry blew out.

In their next communication, Corean said that the blowout and the energy dissipation were caused not only because Vogel had touched Bobby Horne but also because Bobby Horne had metal on him, in the buttons on his jacket: a fact which later checking proved to be correct. “We were sending very strong,” Corean said. “This is why we asked for those special conditions. You did not understand the clothing.”

Bobby Horne himself was going through a crisis of confidence at this time, and he had an irrational fear that he was going to die before his 30th birthday, which was the following month. Corean explained that he was going to go through a kind of rebirth and become a new man after his 30th birthday, but Bobby Horne was still apprehensive, so Sir John suggested that he, Andrija and Phyllis should help him over the crisis time, which they could spend at his house in the Bahamas. So they arranged to meet at Miami airport two days before Bobby’s birthday to fly to Georgetown.

Missing Link

On the day, the others turned up, but not Bobby Horne. A phone call to his wife elicited the information that he had been missing for two days, and had said something about going into the Everglades to work things out.

Sir John Whitmore, Andrija Puharich and Phyllis Schlemmer flew to the Bahamas alone, and on their first night there Sir John put out the suggestion that as Phyllis was a psychic she might try to find out what was happening to Bobby through her spirit controls. She agreed to try, and in trance she channeled an entity that identified itself as ‘Ryr’. Ryr gave them an account Bobby’s doings and thoughts, and told them to sit in meditation together the following day at three o’clock and send their love out to him. They did so, and the next night Ryr told them that their projected energy had helped Bobby Horne through his crisis and he was still alive, but he had decided that he could no longer work with them on the project.

When they returned to Florida, Phyllis was able to check what Ryr had told them about Bobby Horne, and she found that it was correct in every detail.

The cosmic connection was not broken with Bobby Horne’s departure, however, for now Phyllis apparently became the channel for an entity that adopted the name ‘Tom’ and explained that he was the spokesman for ‘The Nine‘, which appeared to be a kind of governing council of the universe. Over the next two years Phyllis channeled from Tom and The Nine a vast amount of information about cosmology, psychic phenomena, former Earth civilizations and many other subjects. The range of subjects was beyond the knowledge of the participants and, Holroyd reports in his book, the wisdom and the psychological insight manifested by Tom throughout are of a quality inconsistent with the idea that the communications emanate from the subconscious of the trio.

But perhaps what is most extraordinary about the ‘Ossining Communications’ is their concern for and predictions about the political situation in the Middle East.

In early October 1974 the trio were told that there would be danger of another Arab-Israeli was erupting between November 8 and December 10, and they were asked to go to the area and travel about as they would be instructed and sit in meditation daily to generate an energetic influence that would help pacify the situation.

At the time they received these instructions there was little in the news about the Arab-Israeli confrontation, but at the end of October the Arab leaders’ summit conference was held at Rabat in Morocco, and on November 1 the London Times reported ominous troop movements in the disputed Golan Heights territory and spoke of international concern “over the fatalistic talk of a new war in Israel in the wake of Rabbat.” Dr Henry Kissinger flew to the Middle East as peacemaker, and three days later the scientist, the psychic and the aristocrat flew from Kennedy Airport also on a peacemaking mission.

Whose efforts averted war on this occasion is an intriguing question, but before the trio returned to Ossining on November 17 the crisis was over and the very next day the Times carried the front-page heading THREAT OF NEW MIDDLE EAST WAR RECEDES.

Big Brothers?

In December Tom said that there would be another brink-of-war situation over the Passover/Easter holidays at the end of March 1975, and that it would be necessary for the trio to return to Israel at that time. At the beginning of March the world’s Press and politicians were expressing optimistic views of the Middle-East situation and Dr Kissinger was preparing for another trip. But by the end of the month the crisis was quite as dire a Tom had foretold and Sir John Whitmore, Andrija and Phyllis were back in Israel.

Over the critical period Tom kept them informed about the policies being discussed and the behind-the-scenes machinations at government level in Israel, the Arab countries, America and Russia and directed them to go to various places in Israel, to spread their pacifying influence.

Although the trio were well aware that their ‘mission’ was preposterous, and often joked about it among themselves, they followed their instructions to the letter and again the danger of war receded.

At least for the time being. But when the immediate crisis was over Tom told them: “You must spend most of your time here until the end of your month of July, for if July can pass without a war in this nation of Israel, it will be the ending of all war.”

This was an impressive prediction, for at the time it was made Arab-Israeli relations were as bad as ever and a peaceful settlement seemed a very remote possibility. However, by mid-July Egypt and Israel were each willing to make some concessions, and in August Dr Kissinger was able to announce that as a result of the negotiations of the past few weeks the Sinai Agreement was virtually concluded.

Of course, the whole affair sounds preposterous; a sustained exercise in self-delusion, wishful thinking, and ‘inspired hindsight’. Is it really conceivable that the inhabitants of other planets could possibly be trying to make contact through psychic mediums, and even influencing world events?

If nothing else, however, the extraordinary story told in Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth must make on ponder again the question: Is there somebody up there watching us and waiting to communicate with us?

Dr Andrija Puharich Discusses ‘The Nine’

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