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Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

Do Dogs Even Have Brains? Blndsundoll4mj (Trisha Paytas)The woman in the video below (and pictured left) is Blndsundoll4mj (Blonde Sun Doll 4mj?) and she has a serious debate topical question! (She also has MASSIVE… eyelashes) She wants to know if dogs even have brains. It’s a good question, no? I mean, as she points out, dogs can’t talk. Right? So, how do you explain that? How do you explain having a brain but not being able to talk? Have you ever thought about that? I bet you haven’t! And, also, aside from that… in addition to… admittedly, dogs can walk. But, it’s because we’re telling them to walk! Dogs, apparently, never walk unless a human tells them to do so. Just like a computer, right? We can turn it on, but the computer goes on just because we turned it on — so, hence, no brain! Just like dogs and walking! Makes perfect sense, no? A good argument. Wouldn’t you say? I’ve never thought of these things in this way before and I’m seriously beginning to question whether or not dogs even have brains! And, also, the Iraq and places such as!

One thing that is most definitely for sure, however: This is most certainly a serious debate topical question if there ever was one!

Anyway… getting back to Blndsundoll4mj: What do we know about her? I mean, what do we know about her, really? Well, there is a suspicion (although entirely unconfirmed at this point in time) that she may have spent some time working as a receptionist at a struggling, and really quite zany, AM radio station based in the Cincinnati area, amidst a nutty group of kooky, mad-cap characters. Along with this very important potential fact, the very video featured in this article posting (along with most of the other videos she’s posted to her Youtube channel) conclusively proves beyond question that she, herself, along with dogs (as she points out in the video), is VERY DEFINITELY a mammal. We also know that, in the process of her filming her videos, she is willing to go to fairly incredible lengths — up to and including cutting the top of her head off in the picture  frame, from the point of mid-forehead and higher — in order to entirely fit her boobs into the picture. And lastly, we can also be fairly certain that she is a genuinely and exceptionally stupid individual.

And, that last point is really quite sad. The reason being, of course, that she is in fact so incredibly dimwitted that she completely lacks the intellectual apparatus required to realize that massive jugs will really only take you so far. I know that they only take me so far, and then it all ends in an abrupt stop that involves a very liberal use of tissues.

So, view the video at your own risk. As one person posted in the comments section of the video: “I lost brain cells by watching this video!” Well, I did too, friend. I did too! But, while I may have lost brain cells, I gained a semi. So, I’m calling it even.

And, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here is Mrs. Blndsundoll4mj, asking “Do dogs even have brains”? And doing her part to advance women’s liberation and completely destroy the stereotype of the large-breasted, bubble-headed blonde, in all her glory:

Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

By the way… in case you’re wondering… apparently her real name is “Trisha Paytas”, she is a former stripper and lingerie model. She has appeared on American’s Got Talent, Who Wants to be a Superhero, My Strange Addiction, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. So, do not weep for her — instead, simply think about her while you’re masturbating… then, weep for yourself when you’re done. And, don’t forget to clean up after!

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