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Dwomble! The Weirdest Meme Nobody’s Been Able to Figure Out

Nobody knows from whence it came, nor how or why it came. All that is known is that it is ‘Dwomble.’ What does it mean? Not sure. How was it used? To refer to what? Not sure. It was just ‘Dwomble’ — that was all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just ‘Dwomble’. It was here for a while, then it wasn’t. It seems to have sprung up from nowhere with no clear purpose or intent, and appears to have vanished almost as quickly as it came. Not more than perhaps a month or so after the very first ‘Dwomble’ images began appearing, they slowed to a trickle then eventually all but stopped completely. But, for that month or so, Dwomble was some sort of a force.

It’s believed that the Dwomble meme began on 4chan sometime in 2012, but nobody’s really sure. It seemed to come from everywhere, and nowhere. It was weird and none of the Dwomble images seemed to make much sense.

So, if you missed the ultimate bizarrenessĀ of the Dwomble internet meme, we’re going to post some of the strange images here. Unfortunately, we can only offer a somewhat small sampling (triple-word alliteration — 2 cool points!) as many of the Dwomble images contain exceedingly explicit (1 cool point) subject matter not appropriate for the mixed audience which frequents this website. But, those images are out there, somewhere, if you wish to try and track them down yourself. Well… some of them are out there. It seems as though a very large portion of the Dwomble imagery does not survive, and has disappeared entirely from the internet. It’s all very, very strange indeed.

Be forewarned that a very common aspect of the Dwomble images is the use of profanity. So, if you’re easily offended by the use of profanity, you’d be well advised not to advance further into this post.

Dowmble Wall - Weird internet meme

Dwombe Ownz You - Weirdest internet meme ever

The Snow Dwomble - Most bizarre internet meme

Weird Dwomble face man - Weirdest internet meme

You are unfit for Dwomble!

Psycho Dwomble internet meme

Officer Dwomble of the Dowmble patrol

Dowmble -- the weirdest internet meme ever.

Gangsta Dwomble -- Strangest internet meme of all time

Derp Dowmble - Bizarre internet meme

Bald Dwomble freak internet meme

Dwomble lol cat - really weird internet meme

Dwomble car - The weirdest internet meme ever

If Dwomble were a thing internet meme

Dee Snider Dwombles!

Girl being Dwombles meme

Large breasted Dwomble woman walking

Bikini Dwomble strange internet meme

Phantom of the Dwomble - internet meme

Dwomble 'Copter - Weirdest internet meme Dwomble Copter - Weirdest internet meme

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