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Elisabeth Shue – World’s Greatest Eye Actress

Elisabeth Shue — World’s Greatest Eye Actress

15 Strange Elisabeth Shue facts:

1) Elisabeth Shue does not spell her last name “Shoe.”

2) Elisabeth Shue does not spell her first name “Elizabeth.”

3) If you type “Elizabeth Shoe into Google, the first page will be nothing but results that lead to webpages related to Elisabeth Shue.

4) Elisabeth Shue’s two best friends while she was growing up were not Marybeth Blue and Annabell Crew . You’re thinking of Elizabeth Shoe — those were her two best friends growing up. Elizabeth Shoe is not the famous actress. That’s Elisabeth Shue who’s the actress. Elizabeth Shoe is just some chick.

5) Two of Elisabeth Shue’s most notable achievements are: (A) She is widely renowned as being the world’s greatest eye actress. (B) She has made it exceedingly difficult to locate any information about Elizabeth Shoe using Google.

6) Elisabeth Shue has a brother named Andrew. He doesn’t usually go by the shortened form of his name, which would be Drew Shue, but we think he should. We also think that he should think seriously about launching a line of fashionable men’s footwear.

7) “Elisabeth Shue” is an anagram for “A Blueish Sheet”, “Suitable He-she” and “Abuse Heel Shit”

8) Elisabeth Shue is the world’s greatest eye actress… surprised you didn’t know that.

9) Her Father’s name is Jim Shue (Get it? Gym Shoe! Funny stuff, huh?)

10) Elisabeth Shue attended Columbia High School, in Maplewood, New Jersey. While taking phys-ed at Columbia, Elisabeth Shue would often wear gym shoes — which made her think of her Dad.

11) I have a friend who swears that he lost his virginity in the back seat of a 1981 Ford Thunderbird at a Drive-in movie theater during a showing of “Adventures in Babysitting.”

12) Elisabeth Shue starred in a Burger King commercial in 1982 wherein she urged people to call and bug other people about Burger King. In the commercial she “bet” you that if you called four people, at least three would choose “have it your way, like at Burger King.” She never said what she was putting up as stakes for the bet, and there is no record of her ever having made good and actually paying out on the bet.

13) True story: I once met a person who was an extra in the movie “Cocktail” and is clearly visible on screen for about six or eight seconds. Elisabeth Shue, of course, starred in the movie “Cocktail.” So, everything I write here is written from authority. …although, the person I met wasn’t actually in a scene that Elisabeth Shue was also in, so take it as you will.

14) If Elisabeth Shue ever gave birth to twins, between the time of the first twin being born and the second, someone in the delivery room would undoubtedly say “Now we’re just waiting for the other Shue to drop!” And, nobody else would think it was funny.

15) The word “Shue” is an old Scottish word that either refers to the frightening away of fowls, or playing with a see-saw — depending on the context that it is used in.

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