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Everything is Uncertain

Everything is UncertainThere are none more delusional than those who place faith in certainty. That’s truth, brother. As Confucius said: “To know is to know that you know nothing.” Allow me expand on that thought just a little: To truly know is to know that you cannot know anything — cannot be certain of anything. Certainty, in any measure, is ultimately elusive. And, only the truly delusional accept anything as inevitable. Only the truly delusional accept anything as being written in stone. Certitude is a pastime for small minds.

Will two plus two equal four the next time you attempt to add those figures? A rational person can be exceedingly confident that it will. A truly rational person, however, can not be certain.

And yet, here we are. It’s 2013. Mankind has formed what appears to be an incredibly advanced civilization. We’ve been to the freakin’ moon, man! We’ve sent probes far beyond our own solar system. We’ve created an electronic means of communication that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to almost instantly see and converse with anyone else anywhere in the world. By all appearances we’re pretty damned sophisticated. And yet, here we are — most of the world’s population still incredibly certain of so many things.

What’s going on this crazy reality?

Nothing. That’s what. There is no reality. It’s an illusion. Oh, sure, something exists. There is existence — an existence of some sort. And, we can make reasonable assertions regarding some aspects of that something’s nature and how it operates and functions. But, for the most part, our perceptions of it are illusory. In fact, your perceptions of it, to you, are all that there is — to you, there is nothing else — only your perceptions. And, of course, you don’t have much of a way of determining just how accurate, valid, or how misplaced or in error your perceptions may, or may not, be. Wonderful, huh? Realize — and I mean really realize — that the same is most likely true for everyone. Am I certain of this? Of course not.

Will you die one day? Who the hell knows? The question isn’t whether you will or you wont. The question is: Will your perception ever include the experience of dying? Because, after all, to you, your perception is all that there is. Your perception is the universe — the absolute entirety of it. So, if your perception of your own death never comes to be, then the universe — your universe — thee universe (as far as you are, or can be, concerned) — will never, at any time, ever contain the event of your death. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t other universes, or that that yours can’t end, or won’t end. It’s merely to say: How can you be certain? You can’t. There may come a time (and likely will — but not certainly will) when the universes of all other consciousnesses in the entirety of existence come to include the fact of your death. But, yours may not — and, to you, yours is all that there is. So, can you be truly confident in accepting the inevitable when nobody can ever be certain that anything ever is truly inevitable?

If any sort of objective reality exists and is acting to influence each of our own subjective realities, we can be fairly confident that nothing about that objective reality is actually as it appears.

Reality is an illusion. Reality is a freakin’ put-up job, and you are entirely lost within its mysteries. Deal with it.

And, oh yeah… to hell with Sarah Palin too.

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