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Gingers Have Souls

First of all, before starting this article, let me make it perfectly clear that I, personally, have absolutely nothing against Gingers. As a matter of fact, I happen to really like Gingers. (I couldn’t eat a whole one, though) And, seeing as I currently lack sufficient data, proper training, or satisfactory accreditation from an established and reputable regulating organization, I am in no way qualified to render any sort of objective judgement on whether or not Gingers do, in fact, have souls. So, with that in mind, please read on.

Gingers Have Souls

On November 9th, 2005, the very popular animated television series “South Park” aired an episode entitled “Ginger Kids.” During this particular episode, near the beginning, a popular character on that popular animated series by the name of “Eric Cartman“, delivered a presentation to his school class regarding children who possess red-hair and a fictional disease known as “Gingervitis.”

This, apparently, pissed off at least one soulless (allegedly) ginger kid who may or may not have been suffering from the fictional “gingervitis” disease, himself. Then, after a full five years of stewing in his own rage, he had apparently had enough — he snapped. On January 14th, 2010, a soulless (allegedly) ginger kid who went by the Youtube username “CopperCab“, uploaded a video to his Youtube account which he titled “GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!”

Gingers allegedly do have souls!The video depicted poor, soulless (allegedly) CopperCab passionately ranting and raving against the very popular animated television series South Park and vehemently expressing his displeasure with the allegations of the soulless status of gingers.

CopperCab’s “Gingers have souls” video received well over three million views just within the first thirty days of it being uploaded to Youtube — an exceedingly impressive achievement, considering it was produced by a ginger kid without a soul! (allegedly)

Along with the millions upon millions of views the ‘gingers have souls’ video produced, the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of comments, the untold number of Facebook likes and shares and Twitter tweets, and all of the other what not, what have you, and general rigmarole the video generated, it also sparked a truly incredible amount of video parodies, remixes, etc., etc., …you know the drill. When it was all said and done, a soulless (allegedly) ginger kid had succeeded in creating an internet meme of truly awesome proportions.

Above, we present our own contribution to the myriad of offerings from other people all over the internet. Yes, we know that CopperCab uploaded his video in 2010 — three years ago, and we’re just getting around to making our own ‘gingers have souls’ re-mix-mash-up-thingamajig now — three years after the fact. But, hey! CopperCab took five years to respond to South Park, and we’ve only taken three years to respond to him. So, at the very least, we’re better than some pathetically soulless (allegedly) ginger kid!


If you’re interested in seeing the original ‘gingers have souls’ video uploaded by the very soul lacking (allegedly) CopperCab himself, the video is located below — so, grab yourself some ginger-snaps, pour yourself a tall glass of ginger-ale, or ginger beer, or whatever your poison, and click the play button:

Also, here’s a very good video from soulless (allegedly) ginger-kid CopperCab’s soulless (allegedly) ginger-mom (allegedly) and ginger-dad (allegedly) posted under the Youtube account name “CopperMomandDad” soullessly (allegedly) issuing a heart-felt, but entirely soulless (allegedly), gingerpology for their ginger-kid’s soulless (allegedly) Youtube ginger-rants:

Yeah, we here at ReallyWeirdThings.Com particularly like that one! And, we particularly like, and would enjoy hearing more about Copper Mom’s gnarly pumpkin patch.

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