GTA V Artistic Professional Photographer Takes In Game Photography

Last week we featured some interesting “selfies”, taken by one Mr. Trevor Phillips, documenting his various travels and experiences in and around the beautiful state of San Andraes in the Rockstar Games’ recent Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) release. This week, in keeping with the same sort of theme, we bring you a whole batch of entirely original, not yet seen anywhere else, professional type photo-image-picture-images captured in the same game using the (in-game) Snapmatic iFruit phone app by a professional, artistic photographer. All of these images were captured in-game and created by photographer Derek R. Audette. We hope you enjoy these photographs.

GTA V Professional Landscape Photography:

GTA V Pro Photography: Landscape Photography

GTA V Professional Photographer: Landscape Photography

GTA V Pro Photographer: Satellite Dish Photography

GTA V Professional Photography: Landscapes

GTA V Pro Photograpgy: Landscape Photographer

GTA V Professional Photography: Giant Satellite Dishes

GTA V Professional Portrait Photography: The People of San Andraes.

GTA V Professional Artistic Photography:

GTA V Artistic Photography:

GTA V Artistic Photographer

GTA V Artistic Photography: Trevor Phillips Liqour

GTA V Pro Photography: Motorcycle Cop

GTA V Portrait Photography: Bar Scene

GTA V Photojournalism: Prostitute

GTA V Pro Photographer

GTA V Portraiture Photography

GTA V Professional Photography: Muscle Beach

GTA V Professional Artistic Photography

GTA V Pro Photography: Hookers

GTA V Professional Portrait Photography: Hippies

GTA V Professional Photographer

GTA V Pro Photography: Astronaut

If you’d like to see more photos from the GTA V game that were captured by professional photographers, you can find some here, and here. Or, if you’d like to browse all photos taken in-game by just about everyone playing the game, you can visit the Snapmatic gallery section of GTA V’s Social Club. And, of course, more information about the GTA V game itself is available at the game’s official website.

And, for a kind of strange read regarding the subject, check out “Video Game Photography

If you know of any other interesting examples of professional photography taken in GTAV, or another game — especially if such examples happen to be really weird in nature — please leave a comment below and let us know about it!

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