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Kiss Meets Flo and Eddie at the Circus

It was bound to happen. Flo and Eddie — that is, the Phlorescent Leech and Eddie — (otherwise known as Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan) would inevitably meet Starchild and Demon (Otherwise known as Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons). The ultra-benevolent gods of comedy rock and the all-mighty overseers of novelty rock would not allow the universe to run its entire course to completion without making sure the coming together of these two (or four) entities would take place and be recorded for posterity in video-tape format.

Flo and EddieLo! View with your own eyes the astonishing, improbable, unthinkable, and yes, perhaps even cockamamie video posted above! Gene Simmons of KISS fame and Paul Stanley of same fame meet with the ever inimitable duo of Flo and Eddie. It happened, people! The event took place. And, some say (although careful to never raise their voice above a whisper when doing so) that it was this incredible meeting that allowed the universe to set-up all necessary preparatory procedures in order to allow for a later meeting to take place — I’m speaking, of course, about the event wherein KISS meets the Phantom of the Park.

Whatever the philosophical implications of the Flo and Eddie and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and a stuffed animal and a hula-hoop (Did I mention those last two elements?) meet-up that happened so long ago, it can not be argued (as evidenced by the video-tape documentation, displayed above, that we are so unfathomably fortunate to have in our possession) that during this incredible encounter, at the very least, a good time was had by the fantastic foursome. I mean, c’mon people! Paul Stanley set his foot on fire! Watch closely — it happened! And, please remember the words of Dr. Fraus Bedrog Frode: “There is no greater visual indicator of a human-being experiencing the emotion of pure, exquisite, and immense fun than seeing some portion of one of their lower extremities set alight with flame.” (Visual Indicators of Human Emotion, p. 236, ISBN: 3-967-00231-4, Podvod Publishing, Slovakia, 1971) So, there you have it! Even top medical professionals working in the field of human psychology, such as the esteemed Dr. Frode, agrees: What you are witnessing in the Kiss meets Flo & Eddie video posted above is almost definitely, but not certainly, four people (two of them being grown men wearing what really amounts to clown make-up) having a pretty good time.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park VHS Video CoverDid such a meeting — such a meeting of extreme awesomeness — ever take place again? Did ANY meeting of such unimaginable greatness ever take place between any other four individuals at any time in the long, weird and storied history of this crazy universe? Will such a meeting ever again take place? These questions, it would seem, remain unanswered. However, my buddy Roger and I did once meet these two chicks in a night-club in Timmins, Ontario Canada once and one of them turned out to actually be a dude, while the other was a woman posing as a professional German story-teller who was actually doing undercover intelligence gathering for a major American airline company. That chance encounter, at first glance, might have been close to achieving such characteristics of wonderment and bedazzlatude, but after running it through the computer, we see that it did not.

In any case, if you’re a KISS fan, or a Flo and Eddie fan, or a fan of large, stuffed animals, or hula-hoops, or bizarre videos, or flaming feet, or park phantoms, or all of those things, or any combination of any of those things, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the above video. And, it should go without saying, you may feel free to express your thanks to us for our efforts in bringing this fantabulous video to you via the preferred method of sending us an extremely large amount of money, forthwith and post haste. Simply contact us and let us know that you’d very much like to throw a ridiculous sum of cash our way and a member of our staff will immediately send you the necessary contact info. without delay, along with a ReallyWeirdThings.Com 2014 pocket calendar (once we receive the money).

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