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Night of the Lepus (1972) – Best Clips

There’s very little that beats killer bunnies. That’s just a basic, universal truism. They taught you that in high-school, or something, right? Well, if, by some strange chance you’re not sure that you agree, then you probably haven’t seen the awesomely terrible-tastic cinematic bafflement that is “Night of the Lepus” (aka: Rabbits) And, if you haven’t… well, then… you should feel shame and remorse at having gotten this far into your life without having visually devoured such an ineptly crafted schlock-horror movie about ridiculously overgrown, human flesh-eating, killer lagomorphs! (It sounds much scarier when you use the term ‘lagomorphs’ instead of ‘bunnies’, doesn’t it?) Let me tell you, Jack: These rabbits are big, mean, and they’re absolutely sick of carrots!

All that being said, if you find that you don’t happen to want to watch the entire flick, here’s a short collection of the best clips from Night of the Lepus:

For an entertaining and in-depth review, check out Hard Ticket Home Video’s entry on Night of the Lepus.

And, I mean, c’mon! You always knew there was something creepy about rabbits — UFOs PO Rabbits, and all! (That’s Po logic, brother!)

And, as well as that… in addition to… along with; if the above didn’t absolutely convince you of the inherent preternatural nature of the otherwise entirely natural bunny rabbit, take a gander at this horror of truly leporidaen proportions in Örebro, Sweden!

Movie Poster: Night of the Lepus (1972)

So, take a lesson, kids! The rabbit is not necessarily our friend. There’s something off about many of them — something strange, something sinister, something not quite right. The rabbit’s whole ‘cuteness’ shtick is probably a ruse. Don’t trust the little bastards!

Evil Rabit EyesSilly rabbit! Human flesh is for zombies!

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