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Really Weird Images – 24/03/2013

A collection of nine really weird pics. Look them over if you will, and see if there’s something that sticks. We’ve got one of a street sign, that shows a man with a cow. The two of them are getting down, and HOW! There’s another of a toilet with crap on the walls– it’s one of those nightmarish type stalls. Or, you might like the photo of the dinosaur– he’s getting it on with a robot. Hear him ROAR! Continuing on, there’s a guy without a shirt, and another of a disembodied head– I bet that hurt! (Probably not, though– it’s not a real person. Plastic heads don’t feel pain.)

And, there’s a few more as well. But, I’m getting tired of trying to come up with rhymes for them… so, figure the rest out for yourself. Whatever.

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