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Really Weird Movie Posters – Vol. II

Inseminoid (A.K.A – Horror Planet) Movie Poster – Directed by Norman J. Warren. Starring: Robin Clarke & Jennifer Ashley (1981)

Inseminoid Movie Poster

Nude on the Moon movie poster – Directed by Raymond Phelan & Doris Wishman. Starring: MariettaWilliam Mayer/ (1961)

Nude on the Moon movie poster

The Terminator (Polish movie poster) – Directed by James Cameron. Starring:  Arnold SchwarzeneggerLinda Hamilton. (1984)

The Terminator - Polish movie poster

The Legacy (Polish movie poster) – Directed by Richard Marquand. Starring: Katharine RossSam Elliott. (1978)

The Legacy (Polish movie poster)

The Theatre Bizarre movie poster – Directed by Douglas Buck, et al. Starring:  Udo KierVirginia Newcomb. (2011)

The Theatre Bizarre movie poster

The Weird Love Makers (A.K.A. The Warped Ones) movie poster – Directed by: Koreyoshi Kurahara. Starring:  Tamio KawajiEiji Gô. (1960)

The Weird Love Makers movie poster

Weird, Wicked World! (A.K.A. Mondo Inferno) Movie poster – Directed by  Antonio Margheriti. Starring: CoccinelleStephen Garret. (1964)

Weird, Wicked World movie poster

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