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Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend

I suppose you can take the title of this post in one of two different ways: Really weird things to do with your best friend — As in, Really weird things HAVING to do with your best friend, or Really weird things (as in activities) that both you and your best friend can take part in together. I’m sure the former, if it were able to be written, would be a much more engaging article for you. I’m positive that, if you are like most people, you’d love to know all of the ultimately bizarre, perverse and private manners and characteristics that your best friend keeps hidden away in the dark, eerie recesses of their perverted little self. Yes? Dang! I know I would.

Unfortunately, I don’t know your best friend — I don’t know who your best friend is, nor do I know anything about him, her or it. So, you’re completely out of luck, Bucko. For this reason I’m going to have to direct the content of this particular article toward the former of the two above mentioned possibilities. This really weird things to do with your best friend article will be written with the intent of delivering to you a few really weird things that both you and your best friend can engage in together — activities, doings, goings-on and the like, and such, and things like that there. Capiche? Bon!

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #1

Find a bar or nightclub that you’ve never been to before — and, someplace that you’re not likely to go again. Preferably, the place you choose should be an establishment where the mingling and socialization among patrons who may not know each other is commonplace. Before going, create and adopt entirely separate identities for yourselves. Spend some time on it. Have fun doing it. Give yourselves fake names, origins and fake professions. Make them as weird and outlandish as possible. For example, call yourself Jerardo P. Lanquishmottle. You’re famous in Canada for hosting a national television show wherein celebrity panelists judge contestants on their ability to balance things on their head. Ask people if they’d like your autograph. Your friend is Joe Dimplebottom — your cousin. He makes a living scrapping old cars and fashioning the salvaged parts into highly technical machine components that he then sells to NASA to be used in the construction of communication satellites. Embody these personae! Adopt strange accents. Mix and mingle with the crowd at the bar as these characters you’ve created. You and your friend should back up each other’s stories. Be convincing. Do not break character — no matter what.

The best part of this is, due to human nature — because it’s such a rare occurrence for someone in such an establishment to bullshit like this with such outlandish stories — hardly anyone will question you. Don’t believe me? Try it! Oh, sure, they may talk with their friends afterward and exchange opinions about how insane you two are. But, when you’re engaging them, they’ll be very serious and act like they’re entirely interested. You can tell them any crazy nonsense you can think of. If you appear serious, they’ll take you seriously. They’ll act as though they believe it.

Trust me, it can be very, very fun! You’ve gone out and socialized as yourselves countless times, right? Try doing it as someone different — just once. The more bizarre, outlandish, out of the ordinary and unbelievable you make your characters, the more fun it is. You never have to see these people again. It doesn’t matter one iota what any of them think of you. The idea is to use them and their reactions to such a bizarre situation to entertain yourselves. I absolutely guarantee that at the very least you’ll make a very bizarre and enjoyable memory for yourself — and you’ll have an interesting story to tell your friends for years to come.

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #2

Dress up in the weirdest clothes you can find — I mean the WEIRDEST. Go to a very public place where a lot of random people gather — a busy public park on a weekend is perfect. Take a camera with you. Pretend you’re tourists from some place that most people are likely to have never heard of, or are really not familiar with, and take turns asking people in the park if they would mind posing with you in a photo while your friend takes the picture. Be friendly. Tell them it will only take a couple of seconds, and tell them that you’d really like to get a photo of yourself with a real, live native citizen of (wherever you happen to be) to show your friends and family back home. Adopt some sort of foreign accent for added effect, and, if you can, try to act in subtle ways that will signal that you’re not entirely familiar with the local culture. If you’re cheery and friendly, almost everyone will act the same way toward you and will be completely open to posing for your photos.

Believe me, you’ll have a good time. And, you’ll get really amazing and funny photos to share with your friends and post on Facebook and what not. We’d absolutely love it if you’d also send the photos here so we can post them for other visitors to enjoy. Send them to: Weirdo(AT-sign)ReallyWeirdThings.Com

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #3

Go to a Goodwill store or some such place where you can purchase clothing for little cost. Buy a normal looking shirt and a pair of pants for both you and your best friend — all items being about a single size too big. Then, if you’re not good with a sewing machine and a pair of scissors, find someone who is. Practically everyone knows someone who can sew, and this project will take less than a few short minutes. Cut a line down the right side of your shirt, starting a couple of inches below the armpit seam and continuing to the bottom of the shirt. Do the same with your friend’s shirt on the opposite side of the shirt. Then, cut a line down the right side of your pants from the top of the pants down to just below the hip joint, and, again, do the same to the opposite side of your friend’s pants. Sew the two shirts together and the two pants at the cuts.

You guessed it. You’re making a conjoined twins outfit! The two of you should now wear the costume together and head out to your local shopping mall. Do a bit of window shopping. Stop at the food court and get a coffee. Take a stroll around the mall. Act perfectly natural and normal. Enjoy people’s reactions.

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #4

Check your local newspaper, or online sources and look for free (or not-much-money), to attend events that are taking place. Pick one that sounds completely, entirely and totally uninteresting to you. One that’s really not your kind of thing. Attend it. You’ll be surprised at what you might discover and at the interesting time you can have at an event that, on its face, might seem like the most bland, ridiculous, and/or mundane sort of function you can imagine. The thing is — if you’re not interested in it, then you’re likely not familiar with it or most of what will be going on there. You’ll be exposing yourself to things you never knew existed.

A friend of mine and I tried this recently. It was a weeknight and we had nothing to do. The same old regular crap that we always do wasn’t tickling our fancy. Glancing through a local free paper that comes to my house twice a month, I noticed an ad announcing that a local crafts shop was offering a free 2-hour scrapbooking workshop — light refreshments provided. Scrapbooking? Not my scene, man! NOT my scene! Needless to say, my friend and I were ALL OVER that shit! It was scheduled to begin in less than an hour — we headed straight for it.

There was soft-drinks, juice and assorted pastries and donuts — all free! We were the youngest people there by at least twenty years. And, we were the only people there that were unknown to any of the attendees. (about a dozen and a half in all) It seems that this particular shop offers this and other such free and related workshops on a regular basis and they’re all attended by the same people over and over again. So, everybody knows each other.

It was actually kind of fun. We met people of a sort that we would otherwise never meet. We had weird conversations. We did something entirely and completely different than we’d ever done before. It was strange, unfamiliar and interesting. I’m still not interested in scrap-booking, but it was an experience. Believe it or not, we got stories out of it — interesting stories. Another time, my friend and I attended a plumber’s convention. It was awesome! We ended up getting really drunk with a group of plumbers. You’d be absolutely amazed at some of the incredible stories plumbers have to tell!

By the way, this item on our list pairs exceptionally well with our “Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #1” Try it! You’ll be amazed!

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – Weird Thing #5

Make a “stream of consciousness” random Youtube video. Go to any public place. Heading to a public park, or outdoor public mall, or some such place works. Try to find a three or four places. Go there and bring a video camera. Look around at your surroundings and try to get ideas for a short video of perhaps just a couple second in length. Whatever comes into your head to do — WHATEVER it is — do it and record yourself doing it. It doesn’t matter how pointless or stupid the idea is — if it pops into your head, YOU DO IT.

Is there a statue nearby? Did it just pop into your head to charge up and rub your butt on the statue while chanting “chocolate layer cake, chocolate layer cake?”, then YOU DO THAT, and your friend records it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it will make an interesting video, or if you think the idea is stupid. It came into your head, so YOU DO IT. You don’t even question it.

Did you see a park bench when you looked around and you immediately thought of standing on the bench, placing one hand over your heart, extending the other outward and singing your favorite song in falsetto? Then, YOU DO IT, and your friend records it. Go to the different locations you picked out, spend at least a half hour or so at each. When you’re done, take your video home and edit all the different clips together using Windows Movie Maker, or some other video editing software you have access to. Do not edit out anything you think is stupid, or doesn’t work, or is pointless. Each and every one of the things that you got into your head to do and then recorded yourself doing goes into the video.

When you’re done, upload the video to Youtube, or some other video sharing service on the Internet. You’ll have a good time, and you’ll have a very weird and probably pretty amazing video to share with your friends and on social networking sites.

Really Weird Things to do With Your Best Friend – The Best Part

Here’s the best part: Would you like $50 deposited into the Paypal account of your choice? Send us a link to a Youtube, or other video sharing site, video that shows video proof of you and a friend engaging in at least 3 of the above 5 really weird things to do with your best friend suggestions and you could get your grubby little hands on that money! Here’s the rules you must follow to be eligible:

1.) You have to send us a link to a Youtube video that contains video of you taking part in at least any three of the five really weird things to do with your best friend suggestions mentioned above.

2) In the video you provide, at some point in each one of the different segments that show you engaging in a different really weird things to do with your best friend suggestion from the above list, someone must either clearly state “ReallyWeirdThings.Com”, or show a sign that says “ReallyWeirdThings.Com”

3) You agree that ReallyWeirdThings.Com can publish your video on ReallyWeirdThings.Com, and its own Youtube channel, making minor edits to the video at our discretion.

If you complete those three criteria, you’ll be eligible to receive the $50.00 deposited to the Paypal account of your choice. We’ll choose one of the videos from each of the ones we receive as the winner, and the winner will receive the prize money. The contest will close and the winner will be chosen 10 days after we receive just three such videos. So, hurry up and get yours in to us! Send your link to: [email protected], or post it in a comment below to this page — there could be $50.00 in it for you!

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