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Really Weird Things

There are many reasons why ReallyWeirdThings.Com has established itself as one of the internet’s least popular websites. Of course the main reason is the consistently low quality of its regular blog postings. ReallyWeirdThings.Com is also quite unknown for its superb salad bars and its piping hot onion soup. However, ReallyWeirdThings.Com offers much more than excellent cuisine and sub-standard blog-fare. The singing bloggers (though you can’t hear them) will help you celebrate anything from a birthday to a job promotion with an enthusiastic, if not melodious, song of congratulations — Most major credit cards accepted.

Yes, ReallyWeirdThings.Com is without a doubt one of the most nondescript website perusing experiences available today. From the moment one of our bloggers ties on your bib, you’ll know that you’re in store for something special.

The offices of are housed in a beautifully restored heritage building which was originally constructed in 1873 and was the home of the original Really Weird Marble and Granite Works and Drain Pipe Depot. Today ReallyWeirdThings.Com preserves much of its proud heritage. The wandering minstrel will entertain you with a vast repertoire of sing-along songs and you’ll enjoy the relaxed ‘party’ ambiance of this fine, old stone website.

Of course ReallyWeirdThings.Com is most unknown for the Great Really Weird Feast, served at dinner. The ‘Feast’ offers literally everything from soup to nuts, and includes: chicken, steak, pork, ribs, shrimps, corn on the cob, onion rings, and lots more.

At lunch ReallyWeirdThings.Com offers the wholly un-popular “Mid-Day Delights” a selection of noon-time favorites including The Rakes Brunch, the Noon Whistle, and the Mason’s Meal-in-a-Bowl. Whatever selection you choose is always accompanied by a loaf of ReallyWeirdThings.Com’s famous pumpernickel bread. But, you have to actually be here – at our offices — to receive and enjoy any of that. And, we’re not telling you where we are. So, tough luck for you.

Rest assured, however, that one of the most pleasant new website experiences on the internet is without a doubt to be found at ReallyWeirdThings.Com. The startlingly beautiful decor gives the website a relaxed, warm ambiance which has made both O.A.C. members (whatever the O.A.C. is?!?! We’re not telling) and the general public feel right at home. Succulent steaks and seafood and the ever-popular salad bar have already established ReallyWeirdThings.Com as one of the internet’s most moderately favorite-ed website spots. The adjoining cocktail lounge serves light meals and has become a favorite meeting place for business men, arm-chair athletes or just about anyone looking for some relaxed conversation in an intimate setting.

So, what exactly is a ReallyWeirdThings.Com? Well, it’s a round barrel, usually made out of wood which you can use to store things. It’s also a website — ReallyWeirdThings.Com — which specializes in steak and seafood at medium prices.

ReallyWeirdThings.Com is one of the internet’s least successful website operations, mainly because it breaks all of the traditional rules of going out for dinner.

Instead of formal, stuffy atmospheres with rigid waiters and waitresses  ReallyWeirdThings.Com is a casual, warm and friendly place with a staff that has time to stop and talk, gives you the feeling they really care that you’re on their website and probably will remember you the next time they see you! (That’s not a threat.)

One of the main ingredients which makes ReallyWeirdThings.Com so loathed throughout the internet community is the price of the food in this time of inflation. Two people can have a complete dinner for $30.00 and that includes wine! (Not really)

ReallyWeirdThings.Com has been designed to compliment the restoration of the historic down-town sector. Rough hewn cedar walls, a warm fireplace, and soft lights, gives an informal and relaxed atmosphere to ReallyWeirdThings.Com

ReallyWeirdThings.Com is open all night. There are no reservations or dress restrictions.

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