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Rose Presents “Moral Zombie Conundrum”

From the weird part of Youtube, we bring you: She who is simply known as Rose (aka: Chase Mckenna), appearing in “Moral Zombie Conundrum“, wherein Rose (while at times juggling a trio of machetes) engages in a somewhat light theosophical discussion with her charming and lovable puppet friends Jesus & Satan.

Zombies, it would seem, are all the rage these days. Remember, just a very short while ago, when it was vampires that everyone was in love with? Vampires appear to be somewhat passé now. These days, if you fancy yourself to be the creative type — writer, (again, and again, and again, and again, and the list goes on — Holy FUCK, people! Stop writing about fucking zombies, already!) screenwriter, musical act, visual artist, comedian, lover of overpriced coffee, or what have you, the zombie wagon is thee band-wagon to jump on. Seriously! It’s what all the not-so-cool kids are doing! In fact, with this ridiculous over-saturation of zombies currently infesting popular culture, I believe it’s safe to say that if you even just like zombies, that pretty much makes you a giant, raging asshole.

Yeah… everywhere you look it’s freakin’ zombies, zombies, zombies. The zombie image has thoroughly invaded the human hive-mind. I mean, Jesus! Even the fucking royal-wedding wasn’t this freakin’ pervasive — and it’s difficult to think of anything that was more ridiculous and unimportant, and, at the same time, insanely ubiquitous than the royal shit-balls wedding!

So, fuck zombies! Zombies suck. If you’re writing zombie fiction, you’re a pathetic hack — every bit as pathetic as all of those assholes that were writing vampire fiction five years ago. If you’re involved in any sort of creative pursuit and your work prominently features zombies, please stop! And, I don’t mean ‘please stop featuring zombies in your work.’ I mean, please stop breathing. We don’t need more idiotic zombie static. Grow your own brain, please — lest the zombies feed on the one you’re currently sharing with a billion other imbeciles.

And, yeah, ‘Rose’ used zombies… but, at least she’s got Jesus & Satan in there too. At least that’s somewhat different, unique and creative. Plus, she’s cute. And, she has that whole cleavage thing and bustier/corset type deal going on. So, we like her. She’s cool. Way to go Rose! From now on, you’re the ONLY person allowed to do anything with zombies — I have deemed it so.

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