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And, as if the above posted images weren’t enough… here, for you, are some poems. The first is a cut-up poem. The others are not:

In the Morning We Found Minks

By Roger J. Proudy

In the morning we found Minks–
minks of a number sufficient to soil the grasses
of our precious lawns and rose gardens–
of a number sufficient to feed our bushes and flowers,
among which were strawberry, red raspberry and
a solitary cow
which roamed through the growth

Next morning we arose late,
had breakfast,
a fisherman brought in a snake
he called it a Copperhead
it was five feet long

In the evening, some young men came and joined our camp
they were intelligent and pleasant
all were excellent sailors
the arms of some were tatooed, sailor fashion,
with boats or anchors
their songs were of the salt water

Flocks of gulls,
grey and white,
and of the smaller red-legged species,
they flew about or rested tamely on the rocks;
when the fish are cleaned, they come greedily to devour the offal,
here thrown away,
but at other stations utilized for the oil which it yields.


By Brathom St. James

Say not to you whom I may honor
with a feast so splendid of togertherness
for in this hall I dine on sour fruits
and from my hands I produce the light of feasts

Say not to you whom I may shepherd
or dance with the joy that children display
if at once my faith should fail me
it is not you who shall see me fall

Say not to you whom I shall anger
they, themselves, shall have my wrath
but in this hour of solemn contemplation
my gifts to man are the wages of penance

And, say not you who are loney
“Go now! And do not come again!”
for that command is mine to make
but in my house I shall hear your voice
and not liking it
I shall have you silenced

A Pie in the Window

By August Darthe

A pie in the window sits hot but cooling
while I gaze upon it, my mouth all a-drooling
it’s apple I think, but I can not be sure
perhaps its blueberry — I feel its lure
nope, it smells like apple
Yep, it’s definitely apple!

A pie in the window; its shape is round
like most other pies it makes no sound
it sure does smell friggin’ awesome though!
Jeez! I want to eat that damned pie!

A pie in the window with golden crust
the object now of my growing lust
I bet it tastes as good as it smells
and like I said before, it smells friggin’ awesome!
Man! You have no idea!

I’m so damned hungry!

A pie in the window still there it lies
I sure am a giant fan of pies!
a pie in the window is a marvelous sight
I’m going to eat that damned pie sometime tonight
a pie in the window; so round and smelly
I wish I could put that pie in my belly
I’m almost sporting an erection here
this pie has got me horny, I fear
this is weird, man! I mean, what the hell?
I’m having sexual thoughts about this pie that I smell!

Something’s not right
my mind seems gone
screw eating this stupid pie
I’m going to throw the fucking thing out the window
and order a damned pizza or something
this pie has caused me too much grief already!

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