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Tutorial: How to Pick Up a Blue Chair Off the Ground

Everyone loves a good tutorial, right? A well produced, informative, info-tainment crammed tutorial is just so peachfully useful in this day and age of rampant numbskulitude and dung-headedness. The problem is, when hunting around for such tutorials, it should soon become readily apparent that all such tutorials available online are almost exclusively devoted to the practice and implementation of some sort of acquired skill appealing only to select groups of individuals who posses an active interest in engaging in such endeavors. Where are the tutorials for the rest of us? Where are the internet tutorials for the simple man? The every-man? Where are the tutorials which can help the rest of in dealing with the more ordinary and commonplace conundrums, perplexities and confusing or complicated events in life?

How to Pick Up a Blue Chair Off the GroundYou know the kinds of tutorials I’m talking about — tutorials that might guide an interested party through the process of pulling a tissue out of a box, shaving their knuckles, scratching behind their knee, or picking up a blue chair off the ground if it has fallen over. Where are these useful tutorials? Nowhere, that’s where! Until now, it seems.

Enter for consideration exhibit A: How to Pick Up a Blue Chair Off the Ground — a Youtube video tutorial by user alantutorial. And, he’s got a number of wonderfully infogasmic tutorials on his Youtube page ready for you to watch! Everything from tutorials on how to tweet on Twitter, how to eat a bag of chips, how to take a bunch of pills, how to escape from a dark room, and many, many more. But, by far, his most useful would have to be: How to pick up a blue chair off the ground!

It seems as though ‘alantutorial’ is a man with a high-pitched voice, a shit-load of anxiety issues, and both a knack and penchant for creating informative tutorials that’s sure to aid you in getting through your daily trials as a homo-sapien-sapien stuck to the face of this big blue marble we call spaceship Earth.

So, without any further delay (in case you absolutely, positively need to pick up a blue chair off the ground right fucking now) here is: How to Pick Up a Blue Chair Off the Ground. Be forewarned though — the techniques divulged in this tutorial will only work for a blue chair. If you have a red chair and it has fallen over, you’re on your own.

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