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Whatever Happened to Radio-X?

Radio-X Pirate RadioWhatever happened to Radio-X? Who were they? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Were they from space? Or, were they merely Earth-originating misfits of some type? These are questions that appear to remain entirely unanswered. The information that we have on Radio-X is sparse indeed. The city of Pittsburgh seems central to the story. The numbers 6800 and 2330 are pertinent somehow. It appears that there were at least five potato heads that were somehow involved in the Radio-X mystery. That’s about all we know. And, to the best of our research, nobody seems to have heard anything from them since around 1995.

We do know that this particular Radio-X has no relation to the Radio-X station featured in the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Nor, do we believe, is it associated with the Radio-X series of radio stations that currently exist in Quebec City, Montreal, and Saguenay.

So, what happened to the five Pennsylvanian Potato Heads seen in the image above? What are they doing right now? Are they still on this planet? Or, have they moved on into another galactic quadrant? It has been almost twenty years since any known contact has taken place, and the story needs to to be told. Did they even ever actually exist at all? At this point, it seems uncertain.

If they were real, did they pack up and move to South Africa? Or, is the South African connection yet another unrelated misdirection? Perhaps they may have been related in some way to Radio-X SF out of San Francisco? Or, Radio-X out of Frankfurt? Man! There does seem to be a lot of references to the name “Radio-X” in the radio world!

If you’ve got any information on the current, or even the past, whereabouts, doings, or other goings on, or any information at all regarding the Pittsburgh based Radio-X, please drop us a line here at ReallyWeirdThings.Com and let us know about it. The story must be told!

In the mean time, you should probably check out this awesomely weird-tastic website that we happened to stumble upon while trying to dig up any remnants of information regarding Radio-X that might still be extant: HalfBeat.Com.

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