Young Members of the ‘Children of God’ Cult Sing to Their Dear Leader

Currently known as “The Family International“, this Christian-esque religious doomsday cult, that has experienced scandal around child abduction allegations, was founded in 1968 under the name “Children of God” by cult leader David Berg. Berg was reported as being both an anti-Semite and a pedophile, and to add to the creepy-factor inherent in the below video (which appears innocuous and cheery on its surface) Berg, apparently, lived in almost total isolation from his followers. Most had little idea what he even looked or sounded like — he communicated to them only through letters of revelation that were referred to as “Mo Letters”.

Over the years, a number of celebrities and known persons have been members of the Children of God/Family International cult, with the likes of Juliana Buhring (The first woman to bicycle around the world), Rose McGowanRiver PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix (and just about the entire Phoenix brood), nationally syndicated columnist, journalist and comedian Tina Dupuy, and more.

In the video below, members of the cult sing a song dedicated to the leader of the cult, David Berg:

Dad, after all we’ve strayed and yes, we’ve been bad,
we’re thankful for your love.
And for sending the searcher to give us a chance
we vow to do our best.

After you’re gone, oh Dad it’s going to break my heart,
the love you’ve shown to me.
After reading your letters, the first thing I thought
was Dad I don’t want you to leave.

And yes we promise that we’ll carry it on.
At least we’ll try with all of our hearts.

But before you go we just want you to know,
Oh Dad, we’re going to carry it on.

Some interesting facts regarding the Children of God cult are that the cult has been linked to the CIA’s MkUltra mind control program, none other than Muammar Gaddafi was actually an early financier of the cult, and the cult apparently loved creating and publishing weird and creepy comics to get their religious message across. Along with this, the church advocated the practice of a recruitment technique they referred to as ‘Flirty fishing’ in order to entice new members — which seems to have been basically just having sex with people and then telling them about how great the cult was right after you nailed them.

And… by the way… there is absolutely nothing in the above video that is in any way reminiscent of the Circle Square kids! We swear.

David Berg - Children of God Cult Leader
David Berg – ‘Moses David’ – Children of God cult leader.

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